Application for the Cosplay Contest
at CAGGTUS 2023

Registration until March 10, 2023

Information about the participant

Terms and conditions of participation

Key dates

Start of the application phase:   09.01.2023
End of the application phase:     10.03.2023
Cosplay Contest:                               15.04.2023




  1. Participation is only possible from the age of 18.
  2. To participate in the contest, you must take part in a pre-judging event (Prejudging) and an appearance on stage (Catwalk). If you do not participate in either of these events, you will be disqualified.
  3. The competition is based on costumes. This means that the stage show will not be judged.
  4. The use of purchased costume pieces is allowed, but they must be mentioned to the judges in the Prejudging and will not be judged as highly as self-made pieces.
  5. The costume may be made by more than one person, this must be mentioned to the judges in the Prejudging.
  6. Intentional false statements about the own costume will lead to disqualification from the Cosplay Contest, even afterwards.
  7. The stage performance can be done by several persons together, but the costumes will still be judged individually.
  8. The costume can be based on a known template as well as on an own character.





For the purpose of processing the registration, the contact data, address data, age, stage name, social media channels, telephone number and external appearance are processed pursuant to Art. 6 para.1 s. 1 lit. a DSGVO.

The deletion of the data takes place immediately in case of rejection, otherwise after three years for the defense of claims.


Only the artist's name will be communicated to the public. No private data will be given to the public, this is only for internal purposes. The submitted photos are also only for internal pre-selection and will not be communicated or published externally.
The specified social media channels will be published and linked on the official CAGGTUS social media channels, as well as the website. Furthermore, they can be shown during the Cosplay Contest.
The photos and video recordings made on site during the Cosplay Contest will be played and published on the official CAGGTUS Leipzig social media channels, as well as on the website.